PLANS: Certainly not 'on the fence'

I don't usually respond to throw-away comments in readers' letters about me. However, on this occasion, Mr Grant, who submitted the letter from a delivery driver's perspective about a planning application in my ward, was inaccurate.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 19th October 2018, 6:00 am

He claimed my residents needed support and I was ‘sitting on the fence’ in relation to a planning application.

So, for accurate information for readers, in the way of support for my residents, it goes as follows.

An official objection from me was published on the council planning website on September 25.

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In addition, I have sought extensions for the community and parish council to make comments from the planning officer.

On September 11, I held a drop-in session with locals and supported residents who needed it to make comments online.

On October 1, I presented to the parish council, and received unanimous support on, my views, which helped it to formulate its own objection.

In addition to that, the staff at Hadston House have been supporting residents’ list comments on what can be a tricky system and scanning in handwritten documents – it’s part of the advice and support we offer daily.

Anyone locally in the community knows only too well that more social homes are needed. However, this can’t be at any cost.

In addition to my list of support, a drop-in session was being held by Karbon Homes itself on October 17, where the community could express its views directly to the applicant.

So, while he makes valid points in his letter about the application itself, nobody could suggest residents in my community weren’t being supported by me, nor could anyone suggest I was ‘sitting on the fence’.

I’d like to thank all the residents and the parish council for sharing their views with me as we wade through this as a community together.

Coun Scott Dickinson,

County Councillor for Druridge Bay