PLANS: Bringing much needed income

On behalf of everyone at Ad Gefrin Distillery, I would like to say a heart-felt thank you to the people of Wooler.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 9th September 2018, 6:00 am

With Wooler having such a special place in my heart and having so much Redpath family history, this past week has brought back so many memories and it has been delightful to listen to all the stories and recollections from so many local people.

As a Redpath, I have been able to reminisce and discuss so many special moments, as well as reconnect with everyone, from former drivers to childhood neighbours and friends.

As a town and community we should be so proud of the amazing place that we call home.

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Being back at Glendale Show, I was delighted to experience a thriving atmosphere, and particularly proud to watch the victorious Ad Gefrin team take part in the Sumo Relay Race.

The show was a great opportunity to talk to so many about our fascinating new plans for regenerating our site in South Road. Thank you to all who came along on the day.

We have been absolutely overwhelmed by the level of support and enthusiasm that our concept has received, and we hope to take this project forward together as a community to definitively put Wooler on the map.

As we move forward with plans in the coming months we will keep in touch with you and keep everyone updated.

As a family, we are totally motivated to move forward with the project and give a bit of much needed love to the Old Redpath’s Yard in South Road.

It will be exciting to be part of transforming Wooler and bringing much needed income and tourism to North Northumberland.

Thank you all for the support we have – the last two weeks have been absolutely amazing.

Eileen Ferguson,

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