PLANNING COMMITTEE: Beadnell, Seahouses, Felton and Longhorsley


A bid to build a three-bedroom detached property with a two-car garage on land to the rear of 138 Harbour Road, in Beadnell, is recommended for refusal tonight due to the impact it would have on the Northumberland Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

Beadnell Parish Council and 24 others also objected to the plans.

• Members are recommended to approve two single-storey extensions to a property in King Street, Seahouses. This is despite an objection from North Sunderland Parish Council, which has concerns about neighbour amenity and the effect on street scene, the latter being echoed by the AONB Partnership.

• Plans to knock down and rebuild a garage as well as a new detached house on land east of 36 Benlaw Grove, Felton, is now subject to approval after the size of the new property has been reduced from a previously-refused application. However, Felton Parish Council and eight neighbours still have concerns.

• A proposal to install a dormer window at The Hemmel in Longhorsley is recommended for refusal as it would ‘result in a harmful impact on the historic fabric and character of the host dwelling’. The application is before the committee as the plans have received six letters of support.