Planning appeal decision

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PLANS for a controversial home on the north Northumberland coast which were refused last year have been dismissed on appeal.

But amended plans for the modern-style house on Harbour Road in Beadnell have already been approved at July‘s meeting of Northumberland County Council’s north area planning committee.

In the appeal decision, which was released after that meeting, the planning inspector DR Cullingford said: “I have no doubt that the proposal would look out of place there.”

While it also said that the inspector had no objection to the redvelopment of the site or to the contemporary nature of the design, the conclusion stated that there has been no evidence ‘sufficiently compelling to alter my conclusion that the scheme before me would intrude into the street scene and impair the privacy and prospect of neighbouring residents, contrary to the planning policies applicable here’.

The height of the proposed house had been reduced for the plans which were approved by the planning committee.

And the committee had been on a site visit and concluded that the property would not be out of keeping with the mix of housing on Harbour Road.

Objectors however thought the house would ‘stick out like a sore thumb’, describing it as looking like a ‘microwave’.

The appeal decision made reference to the approved plans.

“Whether or not the amendments made do successfully ovecome the defects I have identified, it is clear that, as a matter of logic, the cumulative effects of several small changes can often be substantial,” it said.