PLAN: Don't waste opportunity

Yet another election looms on June 15, and to many it may seem of less significance than those of recent times. The reality is somewhat different.

The Alnwick and Denwick Neighbourhood Plan (ADNP) gives local people a real opportunity to shape our area for years to come. It is worth considering properly and getting out to vote.

I am concerned by some remarks about the housing allocations that might deter people from supporting the ADNP.

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If the plan is refused at the referendum on June 15, this will open the gates to developers everywhere, not close them down as some are suggesting.

This plan has carefully thought-through features, a vital one being to protect the Lindisfarne School site from development that would destroy the sports hall and all parts of the buildings used by sports groups and adult education.

Please do not waver – it is worth supporting the four years of work that has gone into getting this plan to referendum to protect those parts of our community that are otherwise vulnerable.

It is a fantastic opportunity for local people to shape future developments in our town.

Peter Hately,

Prudhoe Street,


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