Photo finish can’t part top two

The Gazette reader picture competition recorded its first dead heat last week.

Friday, 1st March 2019, 1:00 pm
JOINT FIRST: The late afternoon sun makes Bamburgh Castle glow. A lovely picture from Andrea Field. 137 Facebook likes

In joint first place was Andrea Field’s lovely photo of Bamburgh Castle bathed in late afternoon sun.

It was joined on 137 likes by Darren Chapman’s image of snowdrops at Etal.

JOINT FIRST: Spring was in the air at Etal when Darren Chapman took this lovely picture of snowdrops. 137 Facebook likes

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Every day at, we share your images of the county under the title, View of Northumberland. Then each week in the Gazette, we feature the four which received the most likes.

In third was a shot from Brizlee Tower in Hulne Park, Alnwick, by Jeff Catling (130 likes); while Richard Laidler’s vision of Alnmouth, taken in three vertical shots and stitched together, was fourth (114 likes).

THIRD: Jeff Catling, from Red Row, took this lovely picture of the view from Brizlee Tower in Hulne Park. 130 Facebook likes
FOURTH: Richard Laidler's vision of Alnmouth - a combination of portrait images. 114 Facebook likes