Phone card stolen

A WOMAN has admitted stealing the sim card out of an acquaintance’s phone after turning up at his house and demanding he hand it over.

Berwick Magistrates’ Court heard that Julie Johnson, of Weetwood Avenue, Wooler, took Jamie Jeffrey Burlees’ mobile phone from him. She later returned it after running up £20-worth of calls, and throwing the sim card out of her car window.

Ian O’Rourke, defending, said: “As far as all of this is concerned, Mr Burlees and his partner have had a long relationship, they have three children together and another on the way.

“Julie Johnson became friendly with Mr Burlees. There were problems with his relationship and he ended up staying at Julie Johnson’s house for a few nights, though he says they did not have a relationship together.”

But things became ‘tense’ when his partner found out and she confronted Johnson, who then went to see Mr Burlees.

Johnson also admitted being involved in the theft of a box of beer and Lynx deodorant from Farm to Freeze in Wooler on January 9.

Johnson was given a 12-month conditional discharge and ordered to pay £20 for the calls and £85 costs.