Phone box baby bids to trace her birth mother

Sarah RenwickSarah Renwick
Sarah Renwick
A young woman who was found abandoned in a phone box in Northumberland when she was less than 24 hours old has launched an appeal to track down her birth mother.

Now 22 and a mum herself, she is hoping to be reunited with her mother to find out what happened more than two decades ago.

“I’ve got no animosity towards her at all. I’ve had an amazing life growing up but I’m not able to move on with my life until I get answers,” she said.

“I just feel I’ve got so much to tell her.”

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She was found in a phone box in the early hours of July 10, 1996, and was named Sarah Renwick after the police officer who found her and the street where she was left, Renwick Road in Blyth.

The only clue police had to tracing her mother was a 999 call which was made to the ambulance service at 1am on July 10 from the phone box.

In it, the caller says: “Can you send an ambulance straight away, I’ve had a baby and I’ve left it in a telephone box in Renwick Road.”

She confirms the phone number of the phone box and calls out to a friend she is with.

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The name she calls could be Lisa or Theresa, but is too muffled to make out.

The baby was healthy, well-fed and had been given a bath. She was later adopted.

Sarah, who does not want to give her real name, says she always knew she was adopted but only recently discovered the circumstances.

“My mum said she wanted to tell me but the time never seemed to be right,” she said.

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“I have had the best life with the best family, I love them so much. But I really want to find my birth mother.

“I’d like to know that she’s all right, to tell her that I do understand and that she did the right thing.

“I’m hoping that 22 years later, circumstances have changed and we can get in touch.”

At the time, police released a tape recording of the call from the phone box but the search for Sarah’s mum drew a blank. They were concerned she could be suffering from emotional anxiety or have not physically recovered from the birth.

Anyone who can help Sarah’s search can contact her via Facebook at