Phil cycles off with first prize on new course

Alnwick Cycling Club recently held an '˜Open' 13 mile time trial on the M13 course.

The course is a new one, approved by the regional Cycling Time Trials association.

It starts at the north end of Embleton village, then proceeds to Christon Bank, then on to Rennington, Littlehoughton beforelooping around via Embleton Mill to finish back Embleton village.

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The event attracted 55 entrants from across the North East which is really good for a first event.

The fastest rider who secured first place was Amble’s Phil Hall of BreezeRT. There was a dead heat for the next place between BreezeRT’s Mark Strang and Tyneside Vagabonds 19 year old Adam Wild.

Fastest Lady was Teri Wishart of GS Metro, closely followed by Charlotte Cooper again a GS Metro rider. Third place went to Alnwick Cycling Club rider Carole Page.

The event also hosted the Alnwick Cycling Club’s TT championship.

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Male Club Champion went to Bryan Laycock. Second place was Michael Weidner who also clinched the club’s and Roadbike category.

Ladies club champion was Carole Page. Second lady was Denise Drummond.

The event proved very popular with all riders and promises to become a permanent fixture on the TT calendar.

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