Petrol sign is off because of an electrical problem

Faulty fuel price sign at the Co-operative garage in Alnwick
Faulty fuel price sign at the Co-operative garage in Alnwick

A petrol display board has been turned off in Alnwick because of electrical problems, the Gazette has been told.

The sign which displays fuel prices, at the Total/Co-operative garage at Willowtree Services has been out of action for a number of weeks, which has sparked comments from members of the public as to the reason why.

Some believed it was because the new BP fuel station, at Cawledge, has cheaper petrol and diesel.

A post to the Gazette’s Facebook page from Julie Ann Sparrow said: “I just wondered why for the past couple of weeks Total garage in Alnwick have had their price display board turned off?? That’s not very competitive now is it?”

But the Co-op, and a member of staff at the store, have said that is not the case.

A staff member said: “There is a leak in the top of it and every time we get heavy rain it short-circuits and the whole place goes off.

“So we’ve had to turn it off until head office can come.

“They are supposed to be coming in the next week or so.”

A spokesman for The Co-operative Food said: “There is currently an issue with the sign which displays fuel prices at our Alnwick petrol station.

“Engineers are working to rectify the problem, but until the fault can be repaired the signage will remain switched off. We apologise to our customers for any inconvenience this may cause.”

According to website Petrol, petrol at the Co-op garage is 130.9 per litre while diesel is 135.9. At the Alnwick Services stations petroi is 129.9 and diesel is 132.9.