Peter is honoured for his responsible driving

Peter Farrier
Peter Farrier

New technology that has been installed in Northumberland County Council’s fleet of vans to encourage careful and considerate driving has reaped rewards for one responsible driver who has been awarded the national Lightfoot Driver of the Week.

Peter Farrier has received the accolade after GPS data showed he was one of the most responsible drivers in the country.

The Lightfoot driver behaviour technology provides direct in-cab feedback through visual and voice prompts to fix driver errors and encourage good driving habits such as smooth acceleration and braking and keeping within all speed limits.

It also helps reduce fuel costs, wear and tear on the vehicle, carbon dioxide emissions and accidents.

Paul Jones, director of local services at the county council, said: “It is fantastic that one of our employees has received national recognition and reward for his responsible driving.

“The safety of the public and of our workforce is of paramount importance. Our drivers are equipped with modern vehicles, plant and equipment to enable them to deliver effective front-line services.

“We installed the technology into 250 light vans and we’ve been using Lightfoot driver behaviour technology for three years with positive results.”

Each week, Lightfoot emails a table to the fleet manager showing its drivers’ performance against agreed levels so he can see how the drivers are performing.

By highlighting inappropriate driving fleet managers can quickly identify those drivers that would benefit from additional training to get the most efficiency from their vehicle and to reduce the likelihood of avoidable accidents.