Permit ‘still offers good value’ despite rise of 40 per cent

Parking in Greenwell Lane, Alnwick.
Parking in Greenwell Lane, Alnwick.

The cost of the countywide parking permits went up from Tuesday, with an annual concessionary pass rising a whopping 40 per cent.

In 2013, a 12-month standard parking permit costs £130, up from £110, but the concessionary 12-month permit, which would have cost £82.50 on Monday, now costs £117.

This is a rise of £34.50, or 42 per cent on the 2012 cost. The standard permit rise is about 18 per cent.

Similar percentage rises apply to the new rates for both three-month and six-month permits.

The decision to increase the costs was taken by Northumberland County Council’s Executive at its November meeting.

A report to members explained that it still offered good value at less than the cost of one hour’s parking per day for permit holders.

According to figures in the report, 1,545 people currently have the 12-month concessionary permit and the increase will bring in an extra £53,302.50.

The increase for the standard permit for a current 1,780 users would bring in £35,600 extra, with the total across all permits being £95,628.50.

A spokeswoman for the county council said: “There was previously a 25 per cent concession on the countywide parking permit, but the decision was taken to reduce this to 10 per cent by the Executive on November 12.

“We believe that the permit still represents good value for money.

“Retired people may also wish to make use of the Northumberland shoppers permit, which offers free parking for five hours a day on weekdays and Saturdays and all day on Sundays and bank holidays, all for just £15 a year.”