Percy’s love for a future queen of England

The Queens Promise by Lyn Andrews
The Queens Promise by Lyn Andrews

A best-selling author is publishing her debut historical novel today, and north Northumberland plays an important part in the story.

Lyn Andrews, whose books regularly appear on the Sunday Times best-seller lists, has written The Queen’s Promise.

The story is set in the Tudor period and tells the tale of Anne Boleyn and the man who loved her before she became Queen. And the name of her lover? Henry Percy, the future Earl of Northumberland.

It is based around Henry’s secret engagement with Anne, which was ended after intervention by King Henry VIII and Cardinal Wolsey.

Andrews said: “I had read about Anne and the name Henry Percy came up. I did some research and found it interesting.”

Andrews, from the Isle of Man, came to the area many times to help her with the story. She thanked the Duke of Northumberland for letting her access manuscripts at the British Library.