People’s lives are so interesting

Northumberland musician Derek Allan, of We Steal Flyers, continues his weekly diary.

December 14

World Championship Darts starts today and a lot of people are pleased, especially Chris Dobey and his family and friends. He is from Blyth and is a star of darts, going around the world and giving it his all.

Sri Lanka and New Zealand are on TV too so there’s some cricket for company.

Today we had a cancelled gig, but are too busy to worry.

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Christmas and life cost a lot of money, but there are many ways to survive with smiles.

December 15

We watched as much Christmas TV and films as we could, then were off, after a relaxing day, to Berwick. We were back before 1am, which is always nice.

It was a good, fun gig and we booked a house gig for next year. It was a nice night and more albums were selling.

December 16

I love Carl Cape, he is like Buddy The Elf, such a good friend and lover of Christmas.

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He never really watches films so every year he comes to us with Heather and his dog,

Wolfie, to see a film and eat Christmas food. An amazing day. Deck The Halls was the film.

We love these afternoons. December has a lot going on, with so many people involved. I love it.

December 17

My winter song has had over 1,000 plays on Spotify alone. I do not keep an eye on i-tunes, Deezer and all the other ways people play our songs these days, but 1,000 is nice.

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Winter’s Kiss is now over 11,000, and that is more than nice.

The walk with Ellie today was the warmest in a while, but cold enough to know that Christmas and winter are days away.

There was more time at Running Club in Blyth, the last of the year, then time buying more food and gifts for people.

December 18

We have been tidying up, painting and preparing the garage, turning it in into a pool room and den for Ellie and Rebecca, and it looks amazing.

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Whilst we worked we listened to the folk show on BBC Radio Cambridge. A lot of Christmas songs were on, including Bob Dylan’s, which led into my own song Winter’s Kiss by Derek. How amazing to be meshed with such an amazing musical genius.

Melanie got a gig booking for 2019, brilliant.

I spent a few hours listening to singers from bands I grew up hearing on the radio; Nik Kershaw has a few songs I like, and Roddy Frame of Aztec Camera. It is a good thing to do.

I try to find new or old-new Christmas songs. The new one by Right Said Fred is doing well in our house.

December 19

After almost 10 years running the open mic nights at The Trap, it was a quiet last one ever and Christmas special. Three players turned up. It shows that life changes by the year now, not the decade.

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It was still a nice night as everyone there I knew and it is nice being with friends in December, I love to hear their stories. Other people’s lives are interesting, even more so if they are telling the truth.

December 20

I have a walk next year with Ellie and Shaun in Scotland, coast to coast for autism. It will be a good way to raise money and awareness. It will last five days.

Shaun, Cheryl and Kyra came over for Christmas food, smiles and a gift swap. These days with people are magical every time, hearing stories. People live amazing lives, all so different.

I still have no gig for New Year’s Eve, but we have food in the cupboards to get by.