Winning images of Alnwick Camera Club's competition

In pictures, here are the commended, highly commended and winners of the first Alnwick Camera Club Open Projected Image Competition.

Jim Welsh, of Blyth Photographic Society, is a regular visitor to the group and judged the competition, giving a very detailed assessment of each of the images with some useful advice.

48 images were entered, covering a wide variety of subject matter including landscape, portrait, street photography, table top and abstract.

The three commended images were ‘Stormy Monday’ by Dave Dixon, a very atmospheric image of a field of gold under a dark, moody, cloudy sky, ‘A pair of Fulmars’ by George Nasmyth, an image of the two birds nesting on the side of a cliff, and Stanely Trafford’s abstract image called ‘Soap Bubble’, something which had Jim puzzled over how it was created.

Highly Commended went to Dave Dixon’s ‘Busy Bee’, a close up of a honey bee on covered in pollen on a purple flower head, as well as his ‘Tunnel Vision, Old Street Station’, the type of image of urban image which Dave excels at. The third Highly Commended went to Tony Broom’s ‘Ready to Fly’ a close up of a spider approaching a fly caught in its web.

Margaret Whittaker had entered three very successful images and came fourth with ‘Fungi at Night’, a beautifully lit image of woodland fungi, third with ‘Quick Jump Over’ showing a very athletic red squirrel almost in flight and second with ‘Under the Umbrella’ an image of a very colourfully dressed oriental lady smiling under a bright red umbrella.

First place went to Andrew Mackie’s stunning image called ‘Spook the Owl’. Every detail of the owl was crystal clear as it was caught in flight in front of a subdued forest background.