What a hoot for first anniversary of JAGART82

James Alexander Gaffney runs JAGART82 from a unit in Berwick.James Alexander Gaffney runs JAGART82 from a unit in Berwick.
James Alexander Gaffney runs JAGART82 from a unit in Berwick.
Two special guests are set to attend the first birthday event for James Alexander Gaffney’s JAGART82 enterprise, which will include an update on his community initiatives.

James moved to Buckton Farm, located between Belford and Fenwick, five years ago.

He launched his JAGART82 business from Kathleen Given’s Granny's Keepsakes and Accessories shop at the Ramparts Business Park in Berwick last year. This is the venue for the event on the morning of Saturday, July 31.

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Some of his fund-raising is related to the books for children he is writing and he has carried out some readings of his first book – Love Autumn at Buckton Farm – at schools in the Berwick area.

Representatives from the schools and supported charities will be at the event and they and other members of the public, who are welcome to attend, can enjoy viewing two owls that will be brought along thanks to JAGART82’s link-up with the Andy Howey Birds of Prey and Reptiles Centre at Haggerston.

As part of the Getting Berwick Back initiative, two owls (named Ber and Wick) have been adopted. They, or two older owls, are set to be there between 11am and noon.

Two aviaries are being built for them at the centre over the next couple of weeks.

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Getting Berwick Back includes other activities such as litter picks most fortnights that started off with James and his partner Agnes, and Nathan Rutherford, but is now a group of nearly 20 people.

Also at the event, there will be an update on the Ber and Wick club for children that is being set up.