Trio save baby's life after freak gust of wind shoves pram into swimming pool

A trio from Blyth have been hailed as heroes after saving a baby from drowning while on holiday in Turkey.

By Amanda Bourn
Wednesday, 13th July 2022, 11:28 am
Updated Wednesday, 13th July 2022, 1:10 pm

Ellie and Issy Dickerson-Weedy and Jacob Screeton were sunning themselves by the pool when a gust a wind suddenly pushed a pram into the water.

The youngster was strapped into the pram, so was at risk of drowning. But without a moment’s hesitation, the three dived into the pool and pulled the pushchair – and the shocked baby – out to safety.

Ellie, 20, and Issy, 18, then checked the baby to see if she was crying and breathing while unclipping her from the pushchair.

(L-R) Isadore Dickerson-Weedy, Jacob Screeton and Eloise Dickerson-Weedy hold up their certificates.

The tot was taken to hospital to be checked over, but was none the worse for her terrifying ordeal.

Ellie and Issy are both pool and beach lifeguards as well as lifesaving trainer assessors and members of Blyth Lifeguard and Swimming Club.

Jacob, 20, is also a pool and beach lifeguard and a member of both Ripley Rascals Swimming Club and Blyth Lifeguard and Swimming Club.

As a result of their heroic actions, the Royal Life Saving Society has awarded all three a certificate of meritorious action.

Aileen Robson, a spokeswoman for Blyth Lifeguard and Swimming Club, said: “We are extremely proud of the trio.

“Their instinct kicked in – because of all the training they have done over the years, they knew exactly what to do.

"As a club we are extremely proud of all three of them.”

Michele Weedy, mother of Ellie and Issy, said: “As parents we are extremely proud of our kids and Jacob for the heroic efforts which saved a families potential heartache. The kids have spent their whole life training, teaching and lifeguarding.

"There actions and incident training kicked in as they heard the screams and this proves you are never off duty, even when relaxing on holiday.

“Their quick reaction, confidence and team work allowed them to react to this situation and for the family allowed them to have a successful family wedding and holiday."

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