Tracey's epic hike reaches Berwick and Berwickshire

Charity walker Tracey Hannam.Charity walker Tracey Hannam.
Charity walker Tracey Hannam.
A woman who is walking the entire UK coastal path to raise money for the RNLI has thanked the personnel she met at Berwick and in Berwickshire over the last five days.

Charity walker Tracey Hannam, 55, from Bath, is intending to visit every RNLI station along the route and has set herself a fundraising target of £100,000.

On the ‘Walk with me, Tracey and Aggies Epic hike around the UK Coastline’ Facebook page, she praised the “lovely guys at Berwick-on-Tweed” and the “awesome” team at RNLI Eyemouth.

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Earlier this month, she expressed her appreciation after youths damaged her tent and belongings near Whitburn Beach, located between South Shields and Sunderland.

After what had happened to Tracey was posted on social media, the local community rallied around to help her fix her tent, which is nicknamed ‘Aggie’, and buy her some new belongings to help with the next leg of her journey.