These could be the 16 messiest car interiors in the whole of the UK

Loose change, a few crumbs and the odd bit of debris that gets stuck in your shoe sole - everyone's car needs a good clean out once in a while.

Monday, 26th August 2019, 11:46 am
Updated Monday, 26th August 2019, 3:24 pm
16 of Britain's messiest cars

These car owners are really taking the biscuit (and then mashing it into the upholstery) however. Car care specialist Simoniz has launched an online search for Britain's messiest car, with the winner getting a free luxury valet and a year's supply of cleaning products. Quite frankly though, looking at the state of some of the entries, a trip to the scrap yard incinerator might be a more cost-effective way of addressing the issue. Here are 16 of the entries so far.

Plastic contamination of the world's oceans is a serious issue which will only get worse if Martin ever goes to the beach and forgets to put his handbrake on.
Proof that a career in IT is not as glamorous as Richard Ayoade and Chris O'Dowd made out

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Dirty socks, a slipper, mouthwash... admit it Rose, you are living in your car.
You might be laughing now but we will see who is laughing when the rain starts.
Lurking underneath Wendy's washing basket,bin bag and poly bag filled with sponges is a car just wanting to be loved.
An the plus side, Anna's leather seats should wipe clean pretty easily. On the negative side, my eyeballs are going to need a two-week course of antibiotics after seeing this picture.
Pictured: The 'Liz Mobile', top secret mode of transport for Britain's newest amateur superhero.
Now we are talking. This is the moment Chris's whole adult life has been building up to. Good luck rest of the UK.
Did anyone ever notice that the Dukes of Hazard never showed you a shot of the rear passenger foot well of the General Lee?
We can only assume that due to a lack of storage in her flat, Ella crawls to her car each morning on her hands and knees to get her shoes.
Malcolm has decided to address the stereotypes around drivers of black BMWs head on by indicating, leaving an acceptable amount of space between his car and the car in front and by parking courteously in a disused quarry
Ruth actually meant to enter the 'Britain's Biggest Boots' competition but got mixed up with dates.
Jonathan's car is where build-a-bears go to die.
Somewhere, under all those layers, sits Karen herself.
Lurking underneath this dirty carpet, if you look carefully, is what looks like a 50,000,000-year-old trilobite fossil.
Charlie is obviously one of those people who goes to the supermarket with the best of intentions, only to leave their bag for life in the boot so they end up buying a new one.