The Northumberland street residents have lined with jokes for Red Nose Day

Alnwick residents have helped bring a smile to the faces of passers-by with their Red Nose Day efforts.

Wednesday, 17th March 2021, 5:05 pm

More than 200 jokes and cartoons are on display along with colourful bunting the length of Percy Terrace until Friday, March 19.

Philip Angier, coordinator of the Percy Pants’ Virtual Stand Up Comedy Tour, said: “It looks as good as we had hoped it would.

"It’s been really nice chatting to people coming down the street who were saying this was just the fillip they needed after the long winter lockdown.

Alnwick residents have helped bring a smile to the faces of passers-by with their Red Nose Day efforts.

“We’ve also had one or two bemused motorists coming up the road and wondering what all the bunting is all about.

"Everyone has said it is a lot of fun and have been very supportive of our efforts – we just hope they all make a donation and we can raise some money for a good cause!”

The residents have form for this sort of thing.

In 2015 they raised over £3,500 by stringing 250 metres of ‘pants-themed’ bunting across their street.

Philip and Elizabeth Angier and other residents of Percy Terrace in Alnwick are fundraising for Red Nose Day. Picture: Stu Norton

This time around they sprung into action after hearing Sir Lenny Henry speaking about putting a poster in your window with a favourite joke.

"We thought that’s a great idea – but why not more jokes and why not hang them from our garden railings so that more people can see them,” said Philip.

To give you a flavour, here’s one.

A woman opened her cupboard the other day and a heavy jar of Omega 3 supplements fell on her head. Luckily she only suffered super fish oil injuries.

Jokes on Percy Terrace, Alnwick to raise funds for Red Nose Day.

Or, how about another?

The past, present and future walk into a bar. It was tense.

And, finally…

Seb Coe invited some of his Olympian pals around for a fish supper. Daley Thompson brought fish, Tessa Sanderson brought chips, Steve Cram brought mushy peas and Seb sorted the salt and vinegar. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. “Who is it?” asks Seb. “It’s Fatima, wi’t’bread!”

Fun on Percy Terrace, Alnwick.

Those wishing to show their support can donate via

There will also be a version of the joke collection available on-line in exchange for a donation.

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Jokes galore on Percy Terrace.
More of the jokes.
Bunting and jokes on Percy Terrace, Alnwick.