The Heist: Alnwick mum and son reveal their hopes and fears ahead of TV series

Alnwick mum and son, Christine and Garry, have done their preparation ahead of taking part in the new series of The Heist.

Monday, 3rd February 2020, 3:11 pm
Christine and Garry.
Christine and Garry.

The pair have poured over episodes from the first series to try and avoid the mistakes that other contestants have made.

The series, filmed in and around Northumberland, will see if locals can keep cool under pressure to plan and commit a perfect heist; evading detection from a crack team of detectives in order to win a substantial and life-changing cash prize.


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How did you find the experience of being part of The Heist?

Garry: The production team haven’t given much away so far so it’s been hard to plan in advance. I have seen the mistakes made from the “Robbers” on the last series so that has been an advantage. I’m also a big fan of “crime documentaries” on tv.

Christine: I have prepared for the Heist by repeatedly watching the Thirsk show. I imagine the format will undoubtedly be very different, in Alnwick, but it’s given me a real taster.

Do you think your everyday profession will help or hinder how you do throughout the process?

Garry: My profession may help me in some aspects. It involves a lot of trouble shooting, planning, and team work.

Christine: Although I am now retired from the catering industry, as a chef, my profession may help me. My role in a large, busy kitchen always meant deadlines to be met and to plan ahead at all times.

Which of your personality traits and skills will help you evade detection?

Garry: Without a doubt my confidence and ability to work under pressure will help me evade detection. I intend on keeping the detectives at arms length at all costs.

Christine: This is a difficult question but I’m a quick thinker and always up for decking myself up in fancy dress or disguises. In addition I’m fairly fit for an old lady and could possibly squeeze myself into a tight corner.

What are you most nervous about?

Garry: Most nervous about getting caught early. I will give this once in a lifetime opportunity everything I have to evade capture. I feel like a winner already by being selected to take part but I’ll be gutted if I’m caught first though.

C: I am most nervous about the technical aspect. I’m not very quick at understanding modern gadgets. Phones and the use of a hidden camera to name just two. I’m also worried about being caught and letting Garry down.

If you were to win the money – what would you spend it on?

Garry: This is tough as we don’t know how much is at stake......if I could take my family on an amazing 5 star holiday to India, and landscape my garden I’d be over the moon.

How do you feel the Alnwick community will react to The Heist? Will they support the thieves or the detectives?

Garry: I’d say 80% in favour of supporting the thieves. I’m sure the community will enjoy every minute of the Heist, Alnwick is a small quite town and something like this will defo give everyone something to talk about.

The Heist screens on Sky One and NOW TV from February 6.