The Hairy Bikers rave about 'the best fish and chips ever' on visit to Northumberland

The Hairy Bikers were wowed by Northumberland’s culinary delights in the latest episode of their new BBC series.

Si King and Dave Myers have been travelling around the region they grew up in for ‘The Hairy Bikers Go North’.

And there were fond memories for Si in particular as he recalled childhood caravan holidays on the coast.

First stop on their foodie adventure was Amble where they tasted some of the best seafood fresh from the North Sea in a platter at The Fish Shack.

The Hairy Bikers at The Potted Lobster in Bamburgh. Picture: BBC

"I’ve been in here hundreds of times, it’s fabulous,” said Si as they chatted to owner Martin Charlton.

The pair then headed inland to Turvelaws Farm, near Wooler, home of Particularly Good Potatoes where Si raved about their ‘epic chips’ made from Ramos potatoes.

Dave then had a treat in store for Si after managing to get them a flat inside Bamburgh Castle as their base for the week.

As they admired the view from the rooftop ramparts, Si revealed: “It’s hugely important to me, this beach. It’s part of my family's history and heritage. When my sister was three she got polio and dad walked her up and down this beach for six months in the waters.”

The Hairy Bikers, Si King and Dave Myers, with Chris Sutherland on a visit to Lindisfarne Oysters. Picture: BBC

"All the comings and goings of our family, this is where we walk and talk and catch up with each other.”

In the kitchen, they rustled up potato scones from Turvelaws and vichyssoise with black truffle.

The next day, Si and Dave rode to Lindisfarne to take a look at the oyster beds in the tidal estuaries and speak to producer Chris Sutherland before sampling them with a little lemon juice.

“That’s one of the best oysters I’ve ever tasted in my life,” said Dave.

The Hairy Bikers with Martin Charlton of The Fish Shack in Amble. Picture: BBC

Si added: "I’ve eaten oysters all over the world and I still come back to Lindisfarne because they are the hallmark of quality and taste.”

After calling in at Carters the butchers in Bamburgh, they made their back to the castle where they made a steak stuffed with oysters and spiced butter served with lattice potatoes.

"What a place to have a picnic,” said Dave, as they tucked in from their elevated view over the beach.

They then paid a visit to Jimmy Bell, also known as ‘The Lamb Man’ at High Barns Farm, near Longhorsley before heading back to Bamburgh beach to cook a barbecued rack of lamb with roasted vegetables.

On their last day in Northumberland Si takes Dave to the local fish ‘n chip shop ‘with a difference’ – The Potted Lobster – where they admired the catch from one of the day boats and head chef Richard Sim picked out a turbot which he thinks makes the ultimate fish and chip meal.

After cooking up a fish coated in beer batter from Ackklington’s Rig and Furrow Brewery, Dave exclaimed: “I can say with all honesty and integrity and my hand on my heart, that is the best fish and chips I have ever had in my life. I’ve waited 63 years for this!

"Those fish and chips were the perfect way to end the gastronomic paradise that Northumberland has turned out to be.”

The Hairy Bikers Go North is available on BBC iPlayer.

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