The cake thief: Guilty Labrador tucked into lemon drizzle cake entry at country show

A mischievous pooch was caught red-pawed after sneaking into the display tent and taking a bite out of a lemon drizzle cake due to be entered in a country show competition.

Violet the Labrador had a very guilty look on her face after she was discovered as the cake thief at the Warkworth Show.

Elizabeth Ward left her cake on display and 15 minutes later someone shouted to her that a dog had eaten the entry she had lovingly prepared for the competition at Warkworth Castle.

A picture, posted on Twitter by Bill Dodd, showing paw prints, the half-eaten cake and a note explaining the situation to the judges has taken social media by storm receiving more than 2,000 likes.

The note read: “Unfortunately this cake was brought into the tent this morning and a dog got hold of it.

“The baker and the committee decided to keep it in the show as it was not the fault of the person who made it.”

The tale of the Labrador and the Lemon Drizzle Cake became a popular talking point at the show, which is now in its 148th year.

Simon Buist, show chairman, said: “It should never have happened and we do feel partly responsible.

Guilty-looking Violet and Elizabeth Ward with the half-eaten lemon drizzle cake

“The baker had worked hard on the cake and this is something that we will learn for the future.

“I spoke to her at the end of the day and I think she had seen the lighter side of it.

“I suppose on a lighter note it did create a story for people to talk about.”

The note left alongside the cake
Violet the labrador who ate the cake at Warkworth Show 2019
Elizabeth Ward and her Lemon Drizzle cake that was half eaten by Violet the Labrador