Road closures: Streets in Northumberland which are closing due to jubilee celebrations

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee weekend is almost here, and preparations for the celebrations are well under way.

By Austen Shakespeare
Wednesday, 1st June 2022, 10:46 am
Updated Wednesday, 1st June 2022, 11:08 am

Councils have been inundated with road closure requests in order to host street parties to celebrate the Queen’s 70th year on the throne.

Alternatively, residents could opt to keep roads open and organise more informal ‘Street Meets’.

In addition to street parties, the occasion will be marked by the lighting of more than 1,500 beacons across the UK, Isle of Man, Channel Islands, and overseas British territories.

Street parties are taking place across the county this weekend.

Here is a complete list of road closures across Northumberland:

Tranwell Drive numbers 13-31, Seaton Delaval, Friday June 3 Steppey Lane, Alnwick, Saturday June 4 Scott Street East Community Centre, Saturday June 4 Elebel Road, Bedlington, Sunday June 5 41 West Acres, Alnwick, Saturday June 4 Longstone Crescent, Beadnell, Friday June 3 De Merley Rd at the top where Kings Av ends, Saturday June 4 High Street in Belford, Friday June 3 Twyford Close Cul de Sac, Sunday June 5 Front Street, Bamburgh, Friday June 3 Hexham Moot Hall and Hexham Marketplace, Thursday June 2 Stanley Street/ Club carpark, Friday June 3 Embleton, Green, Sunday June 5 Ellingham, Saturday June 4 Fore Street, Hexham, Sunday June 5 Green Acres, Morpeth, Thursday June 2 Dunsdale Road, Holywell, Saturday June 4 Middlegate Morpeth, Morpeth, Thursday June 2 Bay View East, Newbiggin, Sunday June 5 Dene View, Ashington, Sunday June 5 Cragside Gardens Cul de Sac, Bedlington, Friday June 3 Barracks, Berwick, Sunday June 5 Kendor Grove, Morpeth, Sunday June 5 Cragside Court, Rothbury, Friday June 3 The Avenue, Morpeth, Friday June 3 Market Place to 20 Acres via Church Lane, Bedlington, Thursday June 2 Cheviot View and Village Common, Bedlington, Saturday June 4 Dorking Close, Blyth, June 3 Hartford Bridge Farm, Hartford, Friday June 3 Third Avenue Stobhill, Morpeth, Saturday June 4 Sycamore Avenue, Alnwick, Sunday June 5