Road closures planned in North Tyneside for Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee weekend is fast approaching and preparations for the celebrations are well under way.

Street parties are taking place across North Tyneside this weekend.
Street parties are taking place across North Tyneside this weekend.

Local authorities across the region have been inundated with road closure requests in order to host street parties to celebrate the Queen’s 70th year on the throne over the Jubilee weekend.

Alternatively, residents could opt to keep roads open and organise more informal ‘Street Meets’.

In addition to street parties, the occasion will be marked by the lighting of more than 1,500 beacons across the UK, Isle of Man, Channel Islands, and overseas British territories.

Thursday, June 2, will see the trooping of the colour, Friday, June 3, bares witness to a service of thanks giving at St Paul’s Cathedral, Saturday, June 4, will host the Epson Derby, and Sunday, June 5, concludes the Jubilee with ‘The Big Jubilee Lunch’ and the Platinum Jubilee Pageant.

Here is a complete list of road closures in North Tyneside:

Reynolds Avenue, Moor View West Moor – 12pm-9pm, Friday, June 3; Davidson Avenue, Whitley Bay – 10am-8:30pm, Sunday, June 5; Fairfield Drive, Cullercoats – 1pm-5pm, Thursday, June 2; Tynedale Avenue, Whitley Bay – 1pm-7pm, Sunday, June 5; Wallington Avenue, North Shields – 1pm-8pm, Saturday, June 4; Windsor Road, Whitley Bay – 3pm-8pm, Sunday, June 5; Davidson Avenue, Whitley Bay – 12pm-9pm, Friday, June 3; Beresford Road, Whitley Bay – 12pm-9pm, Friday, June 3; Kenilworth Road, Monkseaton – 10am-7pm, Sunday, June 5; Moor View, Camperdown – 12pm-6pm, Sunday, June 5; Felton Avenue, Whitley Bay – 11am-6pm, Sunday, June 5; Collingwood Avenue, Wallsend – 10am-6pm, Sunday, June 5; Thorntree Close, South Wellfield – 10am-10pm, Sunday, June 5; Callerton Avenue, North Shields – 10am-10pm, Sunday, June 5; Beverley Gardens, Cullercoats – 9am-9pm, Sunday, June 5; Allendale Crescent, Shiremoor – 12pm-8pm, Friday, June 3; St David’s Way, Whitley Bay – 11am-7pm, Sunday, June 5; Nicholson Terrace, Forest Hall – 7am-9pm, Friday, June 3; Angerton Avenue, Shiremoor – 12pm-5pm, Sunday, June 5; Queens Crescent, Wallsend – 9:30am-9pm, Sunday, June 5; Mandale Crescent, North Shields – 1pm-6pm, Saturday, June 4; Park View, Wallsend – 8am-9pm, Friday, June 3; St Mary’s Avenue, Whitley Bay – 11am-9pm, Sunday, June 5; Brighton Grove, North Shields – 2pm-4pm, Friday, June 3; Dene Road, Tynemouth – 10am-10pm, Sunday, June 5; Shorestone Avenue, Cullercoats – 12pm-5pm, Friday, June 3; Sidlaw Ave, Preston Grange – 12pm-8pm, Saturday, June 4; Whittingham Road, North Shields – 3pm-6pm, Saturday, June 4; St Oswins Ave, Cullercoats – 10am-5pm, Saturday, June 4; Yeoman Street, North Shields – 2pm-8pm, Thursday, June 2; Deepdale, Wallsend – 2pm-9pm, Saturday, June 4; Cleveland Road, North Shields – 3pm-9pm, Saturday, June 4; Priors Terrace, Tynemouth – 12pm-9pm, Friday, June 3; Andover Place, Hadrian Park, Wallsend – 10am-9pm, Saturday, June 4; Evesham Avenue, Whitley Bay – 12pm-7pm, Friday, June 3; Moor Park Court, North Shields – 12pm-5pm, Friday, June 3; The Drive, Tynemouth – 2pm-7pm, Saturday, June 4; Kennersdene, North Shields – 10am-9pm, Saturday, June 4; Queens Cresent, Wallsend – 10am-6pm, Friday, June 3; King’s Road, Whitley Bay – 9:30am-9pm, Friday, June 3; Waterloo Road, Wellfield – 12pm-5pm, Sunday, June 5; Hobart, Whitley Bay – 10am-7pm, Sunday, June 5; Millfield Grove, Tynemouth – 12pm-8pm, Friday, June 3; The Crescent, Wallsend – 3pm-7pm, Saturday, June 4; Mitchell Avenue, Monkseaton – 11am-10pm, Saturday, June 4; West Park, Whitley Bay – 12pm-4pm, Saturday, June 4; Meadow Road, Monkseaton – 2:30pm-10pm, Friday, June 3; Forest Avenue, Forest Hall – 12:30pm-5pm, Saturday, June 4; Wembley Avenue, Monkseaton – 12pm-6pm, Sunday, June 5; Ventnor Gardens, Whitley Bay – 10am-8pm, Sunday, June 5; Bideford Gardens, Whitley Bay – 9am-7pm, Sunday, June 5; Cliftonville Gardens, Whitley Bay – 10am-6pm, Thursday, June 2; Queens Road, Monkseaton – 11am-3pm, Sunday, June 5; McIlvenna Gardens, Wallsend – 12pm-8pm, Saturday, June 4; Maple Court, Killingworth – 10am-5pm, Saturday, June 4; Eastbourne Gardens, Whitley Bay – 12pm-5pm, Sunday, June 5; Hazel Avenue, North Shields – 12pm-7pm, Friday, June 3; Hazeldene, Whitley Bay – 1pm-9pm, Saturday, June 4; Well Ridge Close, Whitley Bay – 12pm-6pm, Saturday, June 4; Longridge Drive, Whitley Bay – 1pm-7pm, Friday, June 3; Firtree Avenue, Forest Hall – 2pm-8pm, Sunday, June 5; Charnwood Avenue, Longbenton – 9am-8pm, Saturday, June 4; Pembroke Gardens, Wallsend – 9am-9pm, Saturday, June 4; Brightman Road, North Shields – 2pm-6pm, Friday, June 3; Chirton Lane, North Shields – 10am-7pm, Friday, June 3.