Rayer's mission to clean up area continues

Rayer Fay Waddell with the new sign that was put in place earlier this month.Rayer Fay Waddell with the new sign that was put in place earlier this month.
Rayer Fay Waddell with the new sign that was put in place earlier this month.
A eight-year-old girl’s on-going efforts to protect her local environment includes a new campaign.

Rayer Fay Waddell, from Bedlington Station, regularly collects plastic and rubbish, with support from her family, and both these activities and awareness raising of litter-related issues are highlighted on their Twitter page – @waddells74.

After picking up litter from grassed areas by the road towards the beach at Cambois for more than four years, her latest campaign is ‘We have your reg, if you fling in the hedge’.

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She and the family have contacted the DVLA , Northumberland County Council to get support and their logos are on a new sign that has been put up in the area.

Britishvolt which specialises in battery technologies, has selected Cambois as the site of the UK’s first gigaplant and Rayer is also working with Sierra Mike Intelligent Security Systems to help clear the site of plastic pollution.

Her mum, Tracy, said: “She has cleared all along the railings and fenced security area for four years, pulling bottles through the fence as well as tossed carrier bags, cans and glass bottles, until she met the chairman of the new green energy gigaplant – Peter Rolton – who got the Sierra Mike Security guys to supervise her clean-ups on the land where the new Britishvolt is to be built.

“As Rayer says: ‘strong foundations should be built on strong clean land free from toxic plastic’.

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“She has 10 signs up in the area and now 10 bins, which we change together each night as many of her 3,600 Twitter followers use every day.

“Rayer says if people just do a check list before they leave the beach, they could save thousands of plastic items washing out to sea – hurting millions of marine animals and sea birds each second.

“She believes everyone can change if they are given a chance and the chance is now to change and use her bins placed along Cambois and Blyth beach.”

Those who have written to or published social media posts to thank Rayer for her efforts over the last couple of years include Sir David Attenborough and the World Wildlife Fund.