Rail passengers set to look for other options to complete journeys as fares set to rise by 2.7% in 2020

Berwick Railway StationBerwick Railway Station
Berwick Railway Station
With rail fares set to rise by 2.7% in 2020 readers have said they will be priced out of travelling by train.

In our latest online poll we asked Northumberland Gazette readers on our Facebook page: ‘With rail fares due to increase by 2.7% next year, will you still travel on the train or do you find it too expensive?’

Readers from across the North East region responded by saying that no – it’s too expensive, with just a minority of people saying that despite the price hike they will still continue to use the train.

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It comes following the announcement that rail fares across the county are set to increase on January 2, 2020, sending the cost of already expensive train tickets soaring.

Fares to the likes of London look set to now reach more than £100 each way according to some readers, who say they are already looking at other options to travel to the capital and other destinations.

In Northumberland, 70% of Gazette readers agreed it was too costly, with just 30% saying they would still use rail transport.

Reader Connor Gibson said: “With prices like these when you could probably drive down for a lot less.”

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Glenn Wheatley added: “It's cheaper for me to drive from Newcastle to Bristol.”

Brian Fulcher-Blige said: “I've just paid £109 for return tickets Durham/London but only paid £35 a couple of years ago.”

Phil Hopper commented: “I have no choice.”