Puffin rescued by dog walkers on Craster beach

A puffin was rescued on Craster beach after showing no sign of moving from the sand.

Aleks Sle, 31, from Lynemouth, was walking her dog, Dante, with her friend Alex Farley on Tuesday when they stumbled across a puffin in the sand that was alive but very still.

In Europe, puffins have been listed as fully endangered since 2015 and have been on the decline due to rising sea temperatures, unsustainable fishing and marine pollution.

Dante, a hunting dog, spotted the puffin and it became clear to Aleks that the small bird wasn’t going to move.

Aleks said: “Suddenly he just paused, and he did his little pointer pose with his paw up, and just wouldn't budge. I didn't see what he was seeing but he just refused to move. We thought, is that a paper bag? Is it a bit of rubbish? Then Alex said ‘I think it's a bird’. She stayed back with Dante and I went to check closer, and he was just sitting in the sand.”

"I'm not a wildlife expert, but his flippers looked a bit shrivelled, so I thought he didn’t look quite healthy, maybe dehydrated."

After calling around rescue centres, they managed to get a volunteer from Blyth Wildlife Rescue to come and take the puffin to the centre, but with lots of dogs around, the puffin wasn’t safe.

With Dante kept back, Aleks used her hoodie to scoop the puffin up, which they named Inferno, and carried it back to her away from curious noses.

Aleks added: “He was quite alert and he was trying to beat me through the hoodie so I'm hoping it's a good outcome.”

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