Plans submitted for houses in Ashington

Detailed plans for almost 100 homes have been lodged as part of the ongoing housing expansion on the eastern edge of Ashington.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 14th October 2020, 8:00 am
The site of the proposed homes to the east of Summerhouse Lane in Ashington.
The site of the proposed homes to the east of Summerhouse Lane in Ashington.

The reserved matters application for 95 properties on land to the east of Summerhouse Lane has been submitted to Northumberland County Council by Persimmon.

It is the first of a two-phase development of up to 200 homes on the site, which was granted outline permission in November 2018.

This phase would consist of 17 three-bedroom houses, 55 four-bedroom dwellings and 23 five-bedroom properties.

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In a covering letter, Persimmon’s development planner Nicola Reed refers to the ‘unprecedented sales’ at the existing Seaton Vale scheme.

She adds: ‘We are therefore seeking approval for the continuation of more executive and larger family homes to be developed on the application site, which are currently selling well within the Seaton Vale development and which is nearing completion.

‘This application seeks to maintain continuity of positive build to the east of Ashington.’

The overall outline permission is subject to a section 106 legal agreement to secure 15% affordable housing; £1,075,800 for schools; £138,000 for healthcare; £164,000 for sports to be spent in Hirst Park Ashington and/or at Newbiggin Town Football Club; £48,678 for improvement to the nearby Ashwood roundabout; between £53,977 and £118,750 for mitigation works at the Moor Farm roundabout; and £120,000 for coastal mitigation.

However, the affordable homes will be delivered as part of the second phase of this development.

The Summerhouse Lane scheme was previously viewed as a linked application with the site to the north – land east of Wansbeck General Hospital and an extension of Seaton Vale.

The outline application for 600 homes on that plot was also lodged in 2016, before both went in front of councillors on two occasions – April 2017 then October 2018 – before receiving the final sign-off.

In April this year, we reported that the reserved matters bid for the first phase of the site to the east of the hospital had been submitted to the council, seeking approval for 153 two, three and four-bedroom houses.