Plans lodged for 6m x 3m advertising signage boards on Alnwick street

Plans have been submitted for advertisement display signage boards in Alnwick.

Monday, 14th February 2022, 4:21 pm

Alight Media is seeking advertisement consent from Northumberland County Council for a pair of 6m x 3m digital displays on South Road.

The signs, if approved, would be placed next to the South Road Industrial Estate.

"They would present a range of static images,” explains a report on the applicant’s behalf. “A new image will materialise every 10 seconds. Advertisements would not contain any movement, animation or special effects.

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South Road, Alnwick.

"The proposed displays are operated and regulated remotely, removing the need for frequent site visits. What this means in reality is that there are no regular visits by poster vans.”

Alight Media say the signs can also be used to convey emergency public information, such as Covid health updates.

The report concludes: “We believe advertising at this site will not undermine the character and setting of the area, or pose any public safety concerns.”