Petition launched for new post office to be included in regeneration plans

Residents of North Shields are petitioning to restore Post Office counter services in the town centre.

By Austen Shakespeare
Thursday, 12th May 2022, 12:42 pm
An artist impression of the proposed Transport Hub and Town Square planned for North Shields.
An artist impression of the proposed Transport Hub and Town Square planned for North Shields.

The petition aims for North Tyneside Council to include a Post Office in its regeneration plans for North Shields.

The authority approved its “masterplan” for North Shields in January 2021.

Plans for development include a new transport hub which aims to bring buses, Metros, taxis and cycling infrastructure into one location and, according to the council “make it easier for people to choose cleaner greener forms of travel”.

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The plans also intend to redevelop Northumberland Square.

The petition stated: “Post Office services are a vital part of our communities, often at the heart of them, and provide such vital services and facilities. Many people rely on them, particularly older residents who depend on local and in-person services.

“These services must be protected from closure and it is North Tyneside Council’s job to provide the Post Office with adequate sized premises in North Shields town centre that will make up for the services lost as a result of the closure of the Co-op building.”

Preston councillor Matt Wilson said: “It’s great to see millions of pounds of much-needed investment going into North Shields town centre to revitalise the area for decades to come. Sadly there are some temporary downsides, including some disruption to local businesses.

“Local people, myself included, are feeling this and having to make some adjustments to when and how we shop. The decision of the Co-op to close their store, along with its Post Office, has definitely created pressure on the sub Post Office on Nile Street.

“I believe the council’s economic development team would be happy to advise the remaining Post Office on how to grow their business to meet the extra demand. I hope that the two parties can get together soon to explore options.”

At the time of writing the petition has amassed 12 signatures and will close on June 30, 2022.