Northumberland Zoo raccoons, lemurs and wildcat celebrate Halloween

Northumberland Zoo has been getting into the Halloween spirit along with its animal residents.

As well as their NorthumbOOland Zoo event, which raised money for the critically endangered Livingstone's Fruit Bats, in association with Dahari NGO, the staff had two pumpkins, Phil and Ned, living their best life and getting to meet their favourite animals.

There to enjoy the pumpkin’s company were Afia the serval Ralph the raccoon, Ricky and Ralph the lemurs and Cromarty the Scottish wildcat.

Since gaining their zoo licence in 2015, Northumberland Zoo have brought an aspect of fun to showing the public what their animals are up to and all their mischief.

Their high standard in educating others helped them become fully accredited members of BIAZA in 2021 and they aim to become the main zoological and conservation-based attraction in the North East of England.

Take a look at Phil and Ned’s thrilling day out taking selfies with the curious animals.