NORTHUMBERLAND ELECTIONS LIVE: Follow the results of the 2021 County elections

Below is how the drama of election night unfolded in Northumberland, with 67 seats on Northumberland County Council available.
Northumberland County Council 2021 elections.Northumberland County Council 2021 elections.
Northumberland County Council 2021 elections.

Follow our blog below to see how the night panned out and who now controls the council.

4.07pm: The story of election night in Northumberland with dead heats, surprises and a sense of déjà vu.

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3.59pm: David Bawn (Morpeth North) is delighted with a clean sweep for the Tories in Morpeth. He said: “I’m extremely pleased that the people of Morpeth North have chosen to elect me again and it’s great that we’ve increased our majorities in two of the Morpeth wards and in the Pegswood ward.

The scene is set ready for the election count tonight.The scene is set ready for the election count tonight.
The scene is set ready for the election count tonight.

2.23pm: Isabel Hunter, who won a dead heat in Berwick West with Ord after the drawing of ballot papers, said: “It feels very strange to win in circumstances like that but it’s great to be back.”

1.20pm: Labour’s Scott Dickinson held his Druridge Bay seat, but a number of the results in the south east of the county were devastating for the party. He said: “It is very sad that we’ve lost some hard-working councillors, although with our gains elsewhere the position we are in is basically the same as in 2017. Read more here.

11.02am: There were close calls and a few surprises. Find out who your local councillor is now with our ward-by-ward round-up of results from the Northumberland County Council election.

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9.20am: It is the first time since the 1970s that the Conservatives have had overall control. Here’s our recap.

8.08am: Longhoughton ward councillor Wendy Pattison was delighted to hold her seat for the Conservatives with a majority of 483. She said: “Thank you to everyone in the Longhoughton Division for believing in me and electing me to serve and represent you all for a further four years. I am filled with gratitude for the confidence you have shown in me. It is a great pleasure and a privilege to continue to work hard for you and I feel incredibly lucky to be elected to serve in what is a one of the the most beautiful areas in Northumberland.”

7.51am: Following a dramatic night at the election count, the Conservatives gained 6 seats but lost 5; Labour gained 5 and lost 6; LibDems gained 1 and lost 1; Independents gained 1 and lost 3; and the Green party gained 2.

7.43am: Make up of new look County Council is Conservative 34 seats; Labour 21; LibDem 3; Independent 7; and Green 2.

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7.42am: BREAKING: Conservatives gain overall control of Northumberland County Council following nervy wait.

7.41am: Prudhoe South (Con hold)

Abby Rebbecca FRENCH (LibDem) 60

Gordon STEWART (Con) 907

Jonathan Paul WHEELER (Lab) 553

7.39am: BREAKING: Conservatives lose Berwick West after ballot draw following deadheat.

7.38am: Berwick West with Ord (LibDem gain)

Robert BRUCE (Ind) 138

Edward FRANK (Green) 67

Elizabeth Isabel HUNTER (LibDem) 410

Gregah Alan ROUGHEAD (Con) 409

*Ballot draw occurred following a deadheat.

7.25am: Drama at the election count!

7.25am: A second draw on the night! Berwick West with Ord is a dead heat between the Conservative and Lib Dem candidates and has gone to ballot draws.

7.24am: We've just been told the Hartley seat between Labour’s Susan Dungworth and David Ferguson was a dead heat, being determined by a ballot draw.

7.03am: Ponteland West (Con hold)

Michael Patrick CLARKE (Lab) 250

James McTaggart GREER (LibDem) 102

Vernonica JONES (Con) 997

7.02am: Berwick East (Ind hold)

Georgina Emma Rowley HILL (Ind) 934

Amanda Clare RAYBOULD (Con) 167

Thomas Leslie STEWART (Green) 100

Liz WHITELAM (LibDem) 41

7.01am: Bamburgh (Con hold)

Kate Lydia CAIRNS (LibDem) 200

Mick MCCARTHY (Lab) 239


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6.49am: Five seats still to declare and the Conservative party need three to gain overall control of the County Council.

6.47am: Norham and Islandshires (Con hold)

Michael Robert COOMBES (Lab) 170

Colin Richard HARDY (Con) 616

Ged THOMAS (Ind) 312

Dougie WATKIN (LibDem) 529

6.45am: Alnwick (Con hold/Green gain) two-seat ward

Pete BURNS (Lab) 701

Michael Reuben CARR (Con) 1,112

Gordon CASTLE (Con) 1,834

Jenny ECKERSLEY (LibDem) 457

Julia Marion LYFORD (Lab) 485

Martin Philip SWINBANK (Green) 1,671

6.33am: Shilbottle (Con hold)

Alex BREWIS (LibDem) 297

Ian Edward CHAPMAN (Lab) 402

Philip HOOD (Green) 192

Trevor Norman THORNE (Con) 1,060

6.32am: Conservatives lose another seat to Labour.

6.31am: Prudhoe North (Lab gain)

Tracy GILMORE (Con) 795

Angie SCOTT (Lab) 862

Janice Elizabeth WALMSLEY (LibDem) 67

6.30am: Amble West and Warkworth (Con hold)

Mike Joyce (Lab) 284

Jeff Watson (Con) 766

John Wilson (LibDem) 438

6.29am: Amble (Lab hold)

Terry CLARK (Lab) 635

June Elaine WATSON (Con) 540

David George WOODWARD (LibDem) 62

6.15am: Ponteland South with Heddon (Con hold)

Mike BROWN (Lab) 320

Peter Alan JACKSON (Con) 985

Benjamin Clyde MITCHELL (LibDem) 147

6.14am: Hexham West (Ind hold)

Victor Lewis BALL (Lab) 169

Derek KENNEDY (Ind) 1,297

Liam Kazbek PANESH (Con) 323

Cameron WHITELEY (Green) 83

6.12am: Berwick North (Con hold)

Matthew John Cornelius COOPER (LibDem) 91

Brian DOUGLAS (Ind) 127

Rachel Victoria DRIVER (Lab) 377

Shirley Anne FORBES (Ind) 349

Catherine Morag SEYMOUR (Con) 499

5.56am: Rothbury (Ind hold)

Ray APLIN (Lab) 189

Steven Christopher BRIDGETT (Ind) 1,987

Chris GALLEY (Con) 202

Jennifer WALLACE (Green) 115

5.55am: Ponteland East and Stannington (Con hold)

David Alan ARMSTRONG (LibDem) 245

Lyle Robert DARWIN (Con) 1,116

Robert Hugh TURNER (Lab) 236

5.53am: Bellingham (Con hold)

Anne Elizabeth PALMER (Lab) 246

John Robert RIDDLE (Con) 852

Kevin Robert Hodson SMITH (LibDem) 332

5.38am: 18 seats left to declare, and the Conservative party need 11 to secure overall control of Northumberland County Council

5.27am: Wooler (Con Hold)

Stephen John CRANE (Social Democratic Party) 61

Tom HANCOCK (LibDem) 92

Alex KUKLINSKI (Green) 88

Mark Geogre MATHER (Con) 1,231

Pauline THOMPSON (Lab) 139

5.26am: Hexham East (Con hold)

Suzanne Holly FAIRLESS-AITKEN (LibDem) 557

Guy Nicholas John HINTON (Lab) 323

Cath HOMER (Con) 687

5.25am: Haydon and Hadrian (LibDem hold)

David CLEGG (Lab) 225

Bill DAY (Green) 87

Jan de Volle HARDING (Con) 486

Alan SHARP (LibDem) 835

5.24am: Haltwhistle (Con hold)

Avril Lynda GRUNDY (LibDem) 101

Ian HUTCHINSON (Con) 830

John Robert TEMPLE (Lab) 487

5.07am: South Tynedale (Con hold)

Dawn Adele BAILEY (LibDem) 107

Kathy HABBERJAM (Lab) 408

Colin William HORNCASTLE (Con) 995

Richard SUTTON (Green) 225

5.06am: Longhoughton (Con hold)

Lydia Heather CAIRNS (LibDem) 528

Wendy PATTISON (Con) 1,011

Trevor Paul ROBERTSON (Lab) 148

5.05am: Conservatives lose their second seat of the night with Green party taking Humshaugh.

5.05am: Humshaugh (Green gain)

Milo Jasper BARNETT (Lab) 80

Rupert McLure GIBSON (Con) 849

Nick MORPHET (Green) 1,046

Stuart Alan ROWLANDS (LibDem) 30

5.03am: Corbridge (Con hold)

John DARK (Green) 110

Mark Frederick Glen GRIFFIN (Reform UK) 42

Philip Ronald LATHAM (LibDem) 121

Tom MASKELL (Social Democratic Party) 116

Mary Annette MCGLADE (Lab) 240

Nick OLIVER (Con) 1,016

4.55am: 41 seats out of the 67 have so far been declared. Could this be the longest count in Northumberland's history?

4.31am: Ponteland North (Con hold)

Richard Robert DODD (Con) 1,152

Mark William NEALE (LibDem) 174

Simon Neale RAILTON (Lab) 232

4.29am: Hirst (Lab hold)

John Victor ALLEN (Reform UK) 88

Ken PARRY (Lab) 559

Kevin Oliver WILSON (Con) 131

4.21am: Stocksfield and Broomhaugh (Ind hold)

Chris BARRETT (Con) 296

Clare Louise BYRNE (Lab) 159

Patricia Anne Mary DALE (Ind) 1,607

Ian RICHARDSON (Green) 69

4.19am: Hexham Central with Acomb (Con hold)

Trevor CESSFORD (Con) 742

Penny GRENNAN (Lab) 558

Keith Penrose MALLINSON (Green) 119

Ginnie O'FARRELL (LibDem) 240

4.18am: Choppington (Lab gain)

Steven James ARMSTRONG (Ind) 411

Aaron Edward HART (Con) 277

Mary Bernadette MURPHY (Lab) 429

4.17am: Conservatives lose their first seat of the night.

4.17am: Bywell (Lab Gain)

Christopher Martin DAVENPORT (Green) 135

James William GRIEVES (LibDem) 69

Holly Rebecca WADDELL (Lab) 981

Stephen John WESTGARTH (Con) 924

3.51am: Pegswood (Con hold)

Robert Brian BELL (no party listed) 79

Vicky OAKLEY (Lab) 784

David James TOWNS (Con) 1,021

3.50am: Lynemouth (Lab hold)

Roger CASHMORE (LibDem) 63

Liz DUNN (Lab) 739

Ciera HUDSPITH (Con) 488

3.49am: Druridge Bay (Lab hold)

Mary Clare BAMBROUGH (LibDem) 129

Scott James DICKINSON (Lab) 870

Sybil Janet Dorice WHITELEY (Con) 470

3.47am: College (Lab hold)

Catherine Alice GRIEVESON (Con) 267

Mark Andrew PURVIS (Lab) 773

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3.43am: Kitty Brewster is trending on Twitter in the United Kingdom!

3.23am: Stakeford (Lab hold)

Julie Denise FOSTER (Lab) 744

Noel Martin Jackson (Con) 630

3.22am: Sleekburn (Lab hold)

Dawn Elizabeth CROSBY (Ind) 191

David GRAHAM (Ind) 69

Alan Wilfred STOVELL (Con) 259

Alex WALLACE (Lab) 426

3.16am: Ashington Central (Lab gain)

Caroline Susan BALL (Lab) 551

Michelle Ann Brannigan (Green) 264

Michael FLYNN (Christian Peoples Alliance) 17

Cheryl Leanne WATSON (Con) 156

3.05am: Morpeth North (Con hold)

David Lee BAWN (Con) 1,160

Mike GREVESON (Lab) 643

Elaine SKINNER (Green) 351

3.04am: Northumberland County Council leader Glen Sanderson holds his seat.

3.04am: Longhorsley (Con hold)

Andrew Alexander James FINDLAY (LibDem) 124

Ian Paul LINDLEY (Lab) 311

Hugh Glen Howard SANDERSON (Con) 1,240

3.03am: Bedlington West (Ind hold)

Lauren Marie PITT (Lab) 368

Elizabeth Edna RIXON (Con) 266

Malcolm ROBINSON (Ind) 651

3.02am: Bedlington East (Lab Gain)

Victoria THOMPSON (Ind) 235

Rebecca WILCZEK (Lab) 436

Mark Norman Joseph WILKINSON (Ind) 171

Nadia ZEMOURI (Con) 109

2.53am: Current state of play sees Conservatives with 12 seats, Labour with 9, Independents have 2, and LibDems 1.

2.26am: Newbiggin Central and East (Lab hold)

Sam BELL (Con) 363

Stephen PEEL (Reform UK) 178

Liz SIMPSON (Lab) 674

2.25am: Morpeth Kirkhill (Con hold)

Andy COCHRANE (LibDem) 253

Tom COSH (Lab) 387

Elisa Jayne LAWSON (Green) 216

Richard Watson WEARMOUTH (Con) 1,118

2.24am: Haydon (Lab hold)

Brian Charles GALLACHER (Lab) 813

Anne Charlotte WAGGIT (Con) 375

2.23am: Bothal (Lab hold)

Lynne GRIMSHAW (Lab) 773

Richard Andrew HUNTER (Con) 323

Andy McGREGOR (LibDem) 221

2.18am: Independent councillors currently outnumber LibDem councillors by 2 to 1.

2.11am: Morpeth Stobhill (Con hold)

John Ace BEYNON (Con) 835

Alison BYARD (Lib) 478

Pat FULLER (Green) 107

Margaret Helen TURNER (Lab) 337

2.10am: Cramlington Village (Con hold)

Ceryn ROWNTREE (Green) 80

Mark David SWINBURN (Con) 981

Scott Wilson WHITE (Lab) 374

2.09am: Cramlington Eastfield (Con hold)

Karen Margaret DEAGLE (Lab) 444

Christine Lesley DUNBAR (Con) 873

Susan Mary Bryce JONSTON (Ind) 159

2.08am: Bedlington Central (Ind hold)

Charlotte Elizabeth BLUNDRED (Con) 251

Brian JOHNSTONE (Lab) 419

Christine Anne TAYLOR (Ind) 623

1.43am: Seaton with Newbiggin West (Lab hold)

Philip GRIEVESON (Con) 465

Jim LANG (Lab) 888

1.42am: Cramlington West (Con hold)

Barry Malcolm FLUX (Con) 941

Dave MURRAY (Lab) 497

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1.41am: Another gain for the Conservatives and further blow for Labour.

1.40am: Cramlington South East (Con gain)

Paul Devadoss EZHILCHELVAN (Con) 1,030

Allan HEPPLE (Lab) 636

1.21am: Labour’s Dierdre Campbell loses her seat on the County Council.

1.20am: Newsham (Con gain)

Deirdre CAMPBELL (Lab) 520

Cliff HUMPHREY (Con) 531

Kathleen LEYLAND (Green) 55

Paul Henry WALLS (Ind) 52

1.19am: Labour’s Ian Swithenbank is another to lose his seat.

1.18am: Cramlington East (Ind Gain)

Scott LEE (Ind) 420

Maureen LEVY (Con) 188

Ian Carr Fry SWITHENBANK (Lab) 386

1.15am: Northumberland’s Labour group leader Susan Dungworth has lost her seat by ONE vote!

1.14am: Hartley (Con gain)

Susan Elizabeth DUNGWORTH (Lab) 868

David FERGUSON (Con) 869

Anita Cynthia ROMER (Lib Dem) 105

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1.00am: The Conservatives have gained South Blyth from the LibDems, scene of the drawing of straws in 2017 which cost them a majority in the County Council.

12.59am: Conservatives make their third gain of the night so far. They now have 4 seats, Labour 5 and LibDem’s 1.

12.58am: South Blyth (Con gain)

Daniel James CARR (Con) 1,114

Rachel EDGE (Lab) 270

Alisdair Lindsey GIBBS-BARTON (LibDem) 114

Liam ROGERSON (Social Democratic Party) 29

12.57am: Wensleydale (Lab hold)

Eileen CARTIE (Lab) 716

Sam LIDDLE (Con) 547

David Alan SUMNER (LibDem) 47

12.38am: Second gain of the night for the Conservatives as they take Seghill.

12.37am: Seghill with Seaton Delaval (Con gain)

Christine SAVAGE (Lab) 739

Paul Christopher SCOTT (Con) 884

12.36am: Plessey (LibDem hold)

Revell CORNELL (Reform UK) 51

Jon George DAVISON (Con) 385

John REGAN (Lab) 311

Jeff REID (LibDem) 450

12.35am: Cramlington North (Con hold)

Wayne DALEY (Con) 1,305

Martin John WRIGHT (Lab) 395

12.33am: Holywell (Lab hold)

Les BOWMAN (Lab) 984

Steve LEYLAND (Green) 105

John William WATSON (Con) 636

12.15am: Conservatives gain their first seat, claiming the Kitty Brewster seat previously held by former Labour leader Grant Davey, who was not standing this election.

12.14am: Kitty Brewster (Con gain)

Wojciech Franciszek PLOSZAJ (Con) 698

Sandra STRANGER (LibDem) 77

Warren TAYLOR (Lab) 591

12.13am: Isabella (Lab hold)

Alice May LEVY (Con) 340

Anna WATSON (Lab) 482

12.10am: Another result in. Croft (Lab hold)

Kath NISBET (Lab) 556

Mark PEART (Reform UK) 49

Paul Edward TAYLOR (Ind) 28

Martin TULIP (Con) 293

11.50pm: One result down, 66 to go.

11.45pm: Cowpen (Lab Hold)

William Barry Elliot (IND) - 70

Adam Christopher Parsons (CON) - 378

Margaret Catherine Richardson (LAB) - 398

11.38pm: First results are in.

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11.20pm: Rothbury Independent candidate Steven Bridgett, who is looking to retain his seat, said the turnout is set to exceed 2017 figures. He said: “Polling is looking quite good, thanks to postal voting.”

11.10pm: Northumberland's returning officer, Kelly Angus, has reminded all those present at the count in Blyth to observe social distancing.

11.00pm: Hexham MP Guy Opperman is predicting that Conservatives will win seats in the Blyth Valley area on the County Council.

10.35pm: Northumberland's first declaration is expected at around 10.45pm.

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10.30pm: Jeff Reid, Liberal Democrat leader in Northumberland, has predicted "one or two surprises at some point" tonight.

10.20pm: The first ballot boxes have arrived at Blyth Sports Centre.

10.00pm: Northumberland County Council's returning officer, Kelly Angus, has announced the count will begin at 10pm precisely.

9.55pm: In 2017, the turnout was 40.5% with 100,765 valid votes cast.

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9.45pm: The current make-up of Northumberland County Council is 32 Conservative councillors; 22 Labour; 3 Independents in Bedlington, 3 Liberal Democrats; 6 non-aligned; and one vacancy in Alnwick. There is no overall control, with the Conservative party needing to gain two seats to take control.

9.35pm: Although polling stations were Covid secure, with safety measures in place, there were 86,000 applications for postal ballots this year.

9.30pm: There are 227 polling stations in Northumberland, including one on Holy Island for its 180 residents. Once polling stations close, the ballot boxes will travel across 2,000sq miles in total.

9.20pm: Counters are beginning to gather in Blyth Sports Centre ahead of the ballot boxes arriving shortly after 10pm.

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9.00pm: An hour until the polls close but candidates can now start heading to the count at Blyth Sports Centre.

8.45pm: Will we see a repeat of 2017 where a winner is decided by the drawing of straws?

8.30pm: As well as the county council elections, people have also been voting for Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner. Here is a reminder of what the four candidates say they will do if elected

7.05pm: Residents have been heading to Covid secure polling stations all day to vote in their next county councillor.