Make funeral plans your way with William Purves

From a simple wish list to a full pre-payment plan, William Purves are on hand to help you create the send-off you want.

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Wednesday, 28th July 2021, 5:31 pm
How to plan the exact funeral you want – with free help available from William Purves

The funeral directors believe strongly that there is something to suit everyone out there – and it never costs anything to have a conversation with their team about how to plan for the future. Paying upfront is only one option – there are a huge range of ways that a funeral director can help you to create a fitting send-off, including free alternatives.

The most important thing is to have a discussion and make a plan then share the details with those closest to you so they know your wishes, whether that’s a formal plan or a simple checklist.

The company is also seeing more and more people asking on behalf of someone else, as people start increasingly to plan ahead to ensure they get the funeral they want.

Here the William Purves team explain the steps we can each take to plan and prepare for the funeral we want:

At William Purves, we believe you should put the apt in your final chapter. Choosing the style of send-off you want, and sharing your wishes with loved ones, removes the burden from loved ones at a distressing time.

It’s also a chance to do it your way – whether that’s an extravagant event or a no-fuss farewell.

We understand it’s an awkward conversation to have, so we’ve got three free planning ahead resources aimed to help you make decisions but also share them with your loved ones.

1. Our online checklist, which you can download from and use to trigger ideas for yourself, but also from those you love whose funeral you may organise at a future date.

2. Also on our website, you can record your own free plan of wishes which we’ll send to you by email. We can even send copies to loved ones or third parties for future.

3. Buy a prepayment plan which not only allows you to choose the type of event you want, but you’re saving money by buying at today’s prices.

Finally, we’re always available to chat through options to make events personal and memorable.

You can visit us in branch, or we can come to your home – we’ve even shared one client’s plans to his family over a Sunday roast dinner.

Any plans you make, no matter how traditional or personal, can be changed at any time. Our focus is arranging a funeral that’s “just right” for you and we’ll help you put the apt in your final chapter.

Head to or visit your local branch to find out more.