Lesley awarded an OBE to add to her MBE

A Morpeth resident has received royal recognition for the second time.
Lesley Moody at Durham Cathedral.Lesley Moody at Durham Cathedral.
Lesley Moody at Durham Cathedral.

Lesley Moody, managing director of AES Digital Solutions Ltd, has been awarded an OBE in the New Year Honours List. This follows on from her previous award of an MBE in 2015.

The accolade comes for services to businesses in the North East, from Teesside to Berwick, in her role as President of the North East England Chamber of Commerce.

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Lesley is in her third year as president and is the first president in more than 200 years to be reappointed for a third year, largely due to her support for businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic.

As well as the help she has provided the chamber through the recent changes and supporting local businesses, she has actively mentored students from universities in the region.

She said: “It is a privilege to be awarded this OBE and, as it is my second honour from Her Majesty (the Queen), it has completely bowled me over.

“When I received my MBE, I felt humbled and honoured to receive such an award. Now, on receiving an OBE in this year’s New Year Honours, I feel that same sentiment only tenfold.

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“Born, bought up and educated in the North East, I live in Morpeth but have worked across the North East for 35 years.

“My company, set up with business partner Joe Telford, has its 30th anniversary this year, adding to our celebrations.

“Being the longest-serving North East England Chamber of Commerce president in over 200 years has given me the opportunity to be work with many amazing businesses and organisations across our region.

“This is a region whose people are resilient, strong and the warmest you’ll find anywhere.

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“Through my role as president, I’m fortunate to have the opportunity to give something back to our region, its businesses and the wider community.”

AES Digital Solutions Ltd, which was established in 1992, provides digital solutions to businesses and local councils – extending from online systems to electronic solutions and consultancy.