Heist 'bank robbers' give £1,000 to Alnwick Playhouse

Alnwick Playhouse has received a £1,000 donation – seemingly from ‘bank robbers’ taking part in TV show, The Heist.

Andy Hunt and Jo Potts from Alnwick Playhouse with the mystery donation.
Andy Hunt and Jo Potts from Alnwick Playhouse with the mystery donation.

Andy Hunt, technical manager at Alnwick Playhouse, was sitting having his tea with his mum on Tuesday evening when the doorbell rang.

He went to answer the door and there was a white envelope pushed through the letterbox containing £1,000 in cash as a donation to the Playhouse charity.

It was accompanied by a note with a poem and signed ‘One of your Angels of the North’, thought to be the social media call-sign of the Heist robbery gang.

Andy said: “I picked up the envelope hanging from the letterbox and knew straight away it was a stack of notes.

“It is great to see that, even when on the run from detectives, Alnwick Playhouse is still thought about so much!

“Obviously The Angels of the North are doing some good deeds for the community and the poem just backs that, I say we stick together and support whoever it is!”

Playhouse manager Jo Potts added: “It is so exciting to be a part of this adventure and wonderful that the Playhouse has been chosen as a beneficiary of ‘The Heist’. Of course we wish The Angels of the North every success!”

They have no idea who the money came from but are hoping they will be able to keep it.

Alnwick Playhouse is in the middle of a £3.3million refurbishment which will transform the building into a community hub, including Tourist Information Centre, other county services and the theatre. The Playhouse Trust has raised £730,000 towards its £800,000 target.