Fish and chip restaurant outsources secret recipe due to increased demand

A popular fish and chip restaurant has seen a massive scale up in the way it prepares its food to cope with high demand from customers.

By David Sedgwick
Thursday, 4th November 2021, 8:00 am
Updated Friday, 5th November 2021, 12:50 pm
Waseem Mir and Bryoni from Harbour View guarding the secret batter’s ingredients.
Waseem Mir and Bryoni from Harbour View guarding the secret batter’s ingredients.

The award-winning Harbour View Fish and Chip Restaurant and Takeaway, in Seaton Sluice, has experienced an upsurge in demand for their food in recent months.

And it has been to such an extent that manager Waseem Mir has outsourced the preparation of his top-secret batter mix to specialist suppliers to save time in the cooking process.

The secret recipe ‘Harbour View Batter’ now comes to the restaurant in bulk lorry loads but despite the ingredients being clearly shown on the packaging, the method of making the batter remains a closely guarded secret known only to a selected few within the business.

Waseem said: “Even though the batter isn’t produced on the premises, the taste is the same.

"We have stringent checks in place to ensure that the quality and taste remains consistent.

“It is a closely guarded family recipe with additional secret methods to get the batter tasting right with the correct texture and visual appeal which we are justly proud of."

The fish and chip restaurant and takeaway is renowned for its good food, particularly the size of the fresh Icelandic Cod which customers refer to as “the whale”.

Waseem added: “The batter is only part of what makes a visit to Harbour View so special.

“If you add to the ingredients, quality fish, good customer service and a friendly family atmosphere it all becomes complete.”