Dad's joy at seeing daughter get married at the fourth attempt

It was fourth time lucky for a Northumberland couple who were able to get married 21 months after originally planned.

Rebecca with her dad Gary Hollings.
Rebecca with her dad Gary Hollings.

Rebecca and Ryan Strang had planned on getting married in March 2020 but it was called off due to Covid-19.

After postponing it for 12 months, it was postponed again due to the pandemic with a new date of December 2 set.

However, tragedy struck when the roof of the original venue, Newton Hall, blew off in Storm Arwen, leaving the couple desperately searching for a new venue.

Rebecca with her dad Gary.

Rebecca and Ryan, who have been together 12 years after meeting when they were 15 and 14-years-old, were able to get married after the ceremony took place at As You Like It in Jesmond, Newcastle.

Among those in attendance was Rebecca’s dad, Gary Hollings, a resident at Chester Court care home in Bedlington.

Gary has not been well over the last couple of years and, due to concerns over Covid, there were fears he might not be able to go to the wedding and see Rebecca get married, so there was relief all round when he was able to attend.

Rebecca, of Stakeford, said: “It was so lovely to have my dad at the wedding and see him enjoy himself with his friends, especially after the last couple of years.

"Everyone is so pleased with my dad’s progress since he has moved into Chester Court.

"I am really pleased that he was nominated the home’s Resident Ambassador as it keeps him busy and encourages him to be sociable.”

Gary, 59, said: “Becca looked absolutely stunning, her dress was beautiful.

"I am so glad I was able to see her get married, I had an amazing time!”

Yvonne McCord, a carer at Chester Court who accompanied Gary to the wedding, added: “Gary was so excited to attend the wedding, it was all he talked about for weeks!

"It was so lovely to see Gary with all of his family and friends, the wedding was beautiful and he had a great time.”

At the end of the first dance, Gary had a dance with both Becca and Ryan before he headed back to the home a very happy man.