Cut prices and make memories: What you said about taking children on term-time holidays

You have been sharing your views in our Facebook poll about term-time holidays.You have been sharing your views in our Facebook poll about term-time holidays.
You have been sharing your views in our Facebook poll about term-time holidays.
The majority of Gazette readers have shown their support for families being allowed to take children out of school for term-time holidays.

More than 3,200 readers took part in a Facebook poll, with 82% agreeing that parents should be able to take their children out of school in term time.

Here is what you said on social media:

Mark Robson: “Never understood the need to take kids away during term time There are at least 13 weeks a year of scheduled holidays. We have three grown-up children and never took holidays outside of school holidays.”

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Julie Foster: “I take my daughter’s education very seriously. I also value precious family time, away from the stresses of everyday life.”

Hazel Miller: “I completely sympathise with parents … but I wish the holiday companies would consider school staff. Teachers, teaching assistants, office staff, caretakers, cleaners, volunteers, one-on-one carers, kitchen staff, governors, the list goes on and on. None of the above would take time out, in term time. Simply because they all work to educate, and take care of all children every day, (in term time).”

Charlotte Watson:Culture and quality time with family definitely overrides a few lessons.”

Lisa Rowntree: “The travel companies should not be allowed to charge almost double during school holidays. I'm totally okay with my kids having great adventures whilst they are young.”

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Sarah Moyle Johnstone: “Until the holiday companies stop overcharging on holiday season, it's the only way some lower-income parents can afford to take their child away during term time.”

Nicola Mowbray: “Childcare costs for holidays are ridiculous And often offset the increased holiday costs. I would rather spend time with them during the school holidays.”

Matthew Spears: “Whilst children’s education is very important, I don’t believe a week out of school has a significant impact provided the child has a good attendance in general.”

Megan Rhianne: “No. A huge amount can be missed in a week, creating undue pressure on both child and teacher to catch up.”