Cramlington father encourages people to get Covid vaccine after overcoming the virus

A father-of-two is urging people to get vaccination against Covid after he contracted the virus despite having both vaccine doses.

By David Sedgwick
Friday, 30th July 2021, 8:00 am
Iain Thompson is encouraging people to get 'double jabbed' after the vaccine helped him overcome Covid.
Iain Thompson is encouraging people to get 'double jabbed' after the vaccine helped him overcome Covid.

Iain Thompson and his wife contracted Covid within weeks of receiving their second AstraZeneca jab and believes without both doses, their Covid experience would have been far worse.

The Studio Manager lives in Cramlington with his wife Emma, 31, daughter Ellie, six, and son Finn, four.

Now fully recovered, Iain is sharing his story, via the #BeatCovidNE campaign, to highlight the benefits of getting both doses of the vaccine.

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He said: “Less than two weeks since my second jab, I woke up thinking I had a cold, with congestion and a bad head. In the shower I couldn’t smell my shampoo. I knew I had to take a lateral flow test.

"My test was positive. On Monday morning I woke up with two massive ulcers at the back of my throat, which lasted seven-days. Then on Tuesday, my wife’s birthday, she tested positive.

“Emma and I took it in turns to rest whilst the other looked after the kids. By Friday, my headaches and congestion eased. But Emma didn’t feel 100% for two weeks, mainly because of the fatigue.

“Although there’s a reduced risk of contracting Covid after getting both doses we knew it was still a possibility.

"We’re both really glad we were double jabbed as it reduces the risk of becoming seriously ill and going into hospital.

"Many might think that wouldn’t happen to us in our early 30s, but I worried it would.

“Covid has no preference. It can affect anyone of any age. That’s why we need to remain vigilant and get both doses of the vaccine. Without it I’d feel as anxious and as scared as I did at the start of the pandemic.

“If you’re able to, get the vaccine. Yes, you might still get Covid like I did, but it can save your life as well as protect those around you.

"As we’re getting back ‘to normal’ we need to be considerate, cautious and kind to one another.

“We need to support each other right now, more than ever.

“When people are still becoming seriously ill and infection rates are rising in the North East, let's continue to look after each other.”

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