Councillor warning over 'cash flow crisis' in Eyemouth

Coun James Anderson.Coun James Anderson.
Coun James Anderson.
A bank closure has created a “cash flow crisis” in Eyemouth, an angry ward councillor has warned.

The Berwickshire town has seen a reduction in cash flow in the last few weeks due to the closure of the Bank of Scotland in Manse Road according to Coun James Anderson, independent representative for East Berwickshire.

Mr Anderson said: “This is despite the assurance of Bank of Scotland there would be no reduction in cash flow.

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“Obviously, as I stated repeatedly, they were wrong and did not carry out the proper consultation exercises.

“With the LINK cash machine spending two days out of action this left local shops having to refuse cash back due to high demand.

“The issue of the cash point breaking down repeatedly, obviously hasn’t been resolved. Nor the issue of the cash point being locked up when the Co-op shutters close.

“The post office at the petrol station is obviously busier than ever. With locals left to do banking at the small post office kiosk, it is very obvious Eyemouth needs another accessible 24 hour cash point ASAP.

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“It is ludicrous the bank chose not to listen to local voices when putting profit before customers. Obviously, the truth was inconvenient to the overall agenda of the banks.”

The Bank of Scotland is redirecting customers to neighbouring branches in Hawick, Kelso, Berwick, and Langholm, as well as the local Post Office network.

A spokesperson said: “There’s a number of ways you can do your everyday banking with us – online, on your mobile, over the phone or at a Post Office.”