Charity status delight for Ponteland and District Red Squirrels

A conservation group has outlined how it will benefit after it confirmed that it has received charity status.
Red squirrel. (Photo by Carole Neesam)Red squirrel. (Photo by Carole Neesam)
Red squirrel. (Photo by Carole Neesam)

Ponteland and District Red Squirrels has been registered as a charitable incorporated organisation by the Charity Commission.

This adds to the efforts of the team trying to engage the community through a range of social and media channels, such as setting up a new Ponteland Red Squirrels website to promote red squirrel conservation in the area.

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The native reds need a helping hand because grey squirrels – which were introduced to Britain from North America – carry the squirrel pox virus that is harmless to greys, but highly infectious and lethal to reds.

Ponteland and District Red Squirrels chair Sally Hardy said the group relies on the “fantastic support of our community”, many of whom enjoy seeing reds in their gardens.

She added: “We are delighted that our application for charitable status has been accepted by the Charity Commission.

“It is something that will help lift our group up to be noticed more, as well as get more people involved and allow us to access further funding.

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“We had a scare earlier this year when a red in the area was spotted with squirrel pox, but our team responded quickly to help ensure it did not become widespread in Ponteland throughout 2023 and it is encouraging that we have had quite a few red sightings over recent months.”

Anyone wishing to join the group should call or text 07878 061880, email [email protected] or leave a message via the group’s Facebook page.