Campaign to power electrical safety education

A new safety resource has been launched to keep children safe this summer.

By David Sedgwick
Monday, 9th August 2021, 10:21 am
Northern Powergrid has created a free online electricity safety lesson.
Northern Powergrid has created a free online electricity safety lesson.

Northern Powergrid, the company responsible for the region’s electricity network, has created a free online electricity safety lesson.

The interactive presentation has been designed to help seven to 11-year-olds learn about electricity, how it is produced and gets to their home, the dangers and importance of staying away from the region’s power network.

The network operator has launched a digital campaign to help more parents, guardians and teachers across the region access the free resource.

Michelle Cummings, Northern Powergrid’s social responsibility manager, said: “With the pandemic we have not been able to get into local schools to deliver our safety presentations and we anticipate this will continue to be challenging in the months ahead.

“In addition to our animation, which has been visible on social media more than 657,000 times and achieved more than 209,000 views, and our education page, this interactive presentation will help give parents and teachers a short ‘lesson’ that they can play for the young people in their life.

"Whether it’s to keep the kids entertained for 20 minutes during the summer holidays, or a resource to support science lesson plans for teaching about electricity, we hope it will help ensure more youngsters understand the power of electricity and how to stay safe.”

Northern Powergrid has recently launched its draft business plan.

Over the coming months Northern Powergrid will be engaging with its customers and other key stakeholders to understand if they agree and accept its proposals in readiness for submitting its final business plan for 2023-28 to the energy regulator, Ofgem, on December 1, 2021.