Brave Willow's stage four cancer is in remission

Willow Dodd’s family have announced that her stage four rhabdomyosarcoma is now in remission after she has battled through chemotherapy, radiotherapy and operations.

Friday, 13th December 2019, 5:27 pm

Since then, she has faced bounds of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and lost some of her hair.

Thankfully, Tuesday, October 1, marked Willow’s last day of radiotherapy and she got to ring the bell in hospital to celebrate.

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Willow is now set to move onto maintenance chemotherapy. Photo: Graeme Dodd

Now, on Friday, December 6, after having an MRI scan, her family received the great news that Willow’s cancer is now in remission.

Willow’s dad Graeme Dodd, told the Gazette: “Myself and Karla (Willow’s mum) couldn't believe it when we got the news.

“We originally hoped that the scan would show enough change but to be told she was in remission was the best news ever.”

Willow is now set to move onto maintenance chemotherapy on Friday December, 20 lasting for 12 months. During this treatment, she will have chemotherapy put through her chest-line every week for three weeks in a clinic each month and every day at home as oral medicine.

Her family received the great news that Willow’s cancer is now in remission. Photo: Graeme Dodd

She enjoys playing with her dolls and has been incorporating them into her treatment at home.

Graeme had to take time out his work as head chef at The Tankerville Arms in order to spend quality time with Willow and to care for her full-time along with her three brothers, Ollie, Joey, and Louie.

He added: “Willow will still continue the next 12 months of her treatment plan on a lower dose chemotherapy which will enable me to go back to work and we are planning to take Willow and the boys on a well deserved holiday in 2021 when willow gets her chest line removed.”

Will Dodd, Willow’s uncle, set up a fundraiser with the hopes of raising some cash to support his brother, Graeme.

Willow pretends to give medicine to her toys during playtime Picture by Jane Coltman

The family have received plenty of support and this has now raised over £6,000. To donate search for ‘Will's campaign for Willow’ on Go Fund Me.

Graeme said: “We can only thank everyone who supported us these last eight months. We will be forever grateful.”

Willow Dodd plays with her brother Joey, seven (pictured), Ollie, 10, and Louie, five.