Blyth blogger sharing her tips with new book

Aimee Wilson.Aimee Wilson.
Aimee Wilson.
A blogger is sharing her tips on how blogging can help with mental health.

Aimee Wilson, from Blyth has nearly one million readers on her mental health blog and has now released a book ‘Everything Disordered’.

She is hoping the book will encourage others to try their hand at blogging in a bid to help their mental health in the same way it aided her recovery.

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After experiencing abuse during her teenage years, Aimee’s mental health deteriorated over the following two years before she was hospitalised after her first suicide attempt in 2009.

After three years of numerous hospital admissions, a further suicide attempt in 2012, left her on life support in the Intensive Care Unit of the Royal Victoria Infirmary.

Aimee was sent to a specialist psychiatric hospital and one year into her admission, created in the hope that it would improve the knowledge of her loved ones and enable them to continue to support her.

Within months though, her blog had reached thousands of people and by 2015, Aimee was hosting an event to celebrate reaching over 100,000 readers.

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Aimee said: “I sometimes feel terrible for not having more faith in my blog from the offset, but I honestly believe I couldn’t have ever imagined I’m NOT Disordered being at the point it is now with almost one million readers! It’s so surreal.”

After discovering the power and benefit blogging had on her mental health recovery, Aimee began working on a book with the intention of encouraging others to use blogging – or even just writing – as a coping mechanism when they’re struggling.

She also felt it important to publicise the positives social media can have rather than the negatives which are so regularly spoken about.

“I hope that my book and the resources and advice in it, can prevent others from learning things the way I did – the hard way!” Aimee said.

Everything Disordered is available to buy via Amazon.