Berwick Rotary Club raises more than £6k for Ukrainian refugees

Berwick Rotary Club is once again supporting the ShelterBox charity.Berwick Rotary Club is once again supporting the ShelterBox charity.
Berwick Rotary Club is once again supporting the ShelterBox charity.
There has been a very generous response to the appeal launched by Berwick Rotary Club for emergency relief in aid of Ukrainian refugees.

Nearly 130 buckets were distributed – not only to shops and businesses in Berwick itself, but as far afield as Belford, Lowick and Torness – raising a total of £6,164.

The highest amount collected at one location was £251 and many individuals joined in personally, with the club thanking everyone who supported its appeal.

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A Berwick Rotary spokesman said: “The money has now been allocated to four different organisations targeted on Ukraine.

“Every year, the club supports ShelterBox ( which provides disaster victims with a pre-packed family emergency kit and this year it is targeting relief for refugees in Ukraine.

“Next, Trzcianka, which is Berwick’s twin town in Poland, is twinned with Tomashpil in Ukraine. Funds have been sent towards a support worker in a school in Trzcianka that has taken in Ukrainian children.

“Third, Middlesbrough Rotary Club already had a direct link with a Polish Rotary club in Inowroclaw, which is supplying transport and accommodation to refugees in its town, so Berwick has sent funds via Middlesbrough to be distributed by the Polish club.

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“Finally, money has been sent to the national body – Rotary Great Britain and Ireland – to be combined with its much larger response, using Rotary contacts on the ground.

“Berwick and its hinterland is known as a famously generous town and once again people in the area have lived up to this reputation.”

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