Berwick MP "pinned up against a wall" by male MP revelation

Anne-Marie Trevelyan MP.Anne-Marie Trevelyan MP.
Anne-Marie Trevelyan MP.
Berwick MP Anne-Marie Trevelyan is the latest to speak out against the conduct of some MPs amid claims of sexism and inappropriate conduct this week.

And speaking on the LBC radio station, the International Trade Secretary said she was “pinned up against a wall” by a male MP, who no longer serves.

Although she did stress it is a “very small minority”, she also criticised inappropriate “wandering hands” that she has experienced.

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The MP was speaking about what has happened to her after being initially asked about the claims that have rocked Westminster, including that a Tory MP was caught watching pornography on his mobile phone in the House of Commons chamber and 56 MPs, including three Cabinet ministers, are facing allegations of sexual misconduct referred to the Independent Complaints and Grievances Scheme.

She said: “I have been at the sharp end of misogyny from some colleagues many times over.

“We might describe it as wandering hands, if you like, we might describe it as, you know, a number of years ago being pinned up against a wall by a male MP who is now no longer in the House, I’m pleased to say, declaring that I must want him because he was a powerful man.

“These sorts of things, these power abuses, that a very small minority, thank goodness, of male colleagues show is completely unacceptable.

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“We’ve made real progress in both calling it out and indeed supporting those who I hope are starting to feel that they can come forward and raise it.

“Those of us as senior women across all the political parties absolutely stand ready to both support them and indeed to help them deal with anyone who thinks this is OK – it is not OK and we must always call it out.

“Anyone in any workplace who feels they can’t is always welcome to come through to their MP. We are there to champion and support our constituents in this too.

“But in the House of Commons it is just not OK and we must continue to make sure that we deal with this appropriately.”