Beatles fan creates her own Cavern Club at home

A taste of Beatlemania has been brought to one small part of south east Northumberland thanks to one life-long fan.

By David Sedgwick
Friday, 18th June 2021, 10:00 am
Updated Friday, 18th June 2021, 2:45 pm
Pam Johnstone enjoys a drink in her Cavern Club inspired home bar.
Pam Johnstone enjoys a drink in her Cavern Club inspired home bar.

Pam Johnstone has spent the past five years working to create her own Cavern Club themed bar in her garage – completing it during lockdown.

And now she says her friends are eager to spend time in the bar – affectionately called the ‘Pit Club’ – which features a host of Beatles memorabilia she has lovingly collected over the years.

Pam started work on her own Cavern Club five years ago in line with her son's 18th birthday but after the pandemic hit last year and lockdown in place, she decided the time was right to totally upgrade it.

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Pam Johnstone's son and friend perform as the 'resident band' pre-Covid.

It has a host of features including a bar, Beatles memorabilia, a red telephone cabinet, Pac-Man machine, and more.

As it is in part of her double garage, Pam also uses it as a drive-in movie theatre with her convertible Mini with a TV on the wall.

And pre-Covid, it also held concerts held by Pam’s son’s band and friends.

Pam, of New Hartley, said: “I’ve been a Beatles fan since I was a little girl and I go to the Beatles’ Cavern Club every year.

"I started converting my garage in 2015, starting with painting the famous Cavern wall. I wanted somewhere I could display some of my memorabilia, as well as have a cool place to party.

"Over the years it’s seen many improvements and additions. Adding a fitted bar, performance space complete with karaoke, Beatles and 60s of course, and funky seating areas.

"Because of lockdown we didn’t go to the Cavern Club in Liverpool last year so I decided to upgrade mine a bit further.

"So far its just us who have been able to enjoy it. I know all my friends are dying to come around and see it now it’s all been finished.”

Pam added: “During lockdowns it has been a godsend.

"When pubs were closed and my annual trip to the real Cavern in Liverpool cancelled, I was still able to “go out” for a drink and a dance albeit just with my husband.

“More recently with the easing of restrictions my son and his girlfriend, who are also Beatles fans have been able to visit.”