Amble community shows its support for disabled youngster

A fund-raiser for a disabled Amble boy is set to raise thousands of pounds for much-needed equipment.

Thursday, 27th June 2019, 3:52 pm
Oliver Shanks

Five-year-old Oliver Shanks has epilepsy and severe cerebral palsy and suffers up to 20 seizures a day, some of which are life-threatening.

Fortunately, medication has helped to control the seizures and Oliver’s mum, Alexandra Quennel, is preparing for a future which medics warned might not happen.

“He’s doing fine at the moment,” said Alex. “He still has seizures every day but the medicaton is controlling the big ones that nearly killed him.

“He’s full-time at school now and is loving it. He gets to be around other children and seems happy socially.

“We’re hoping to move soon because we’ve outgrown our current home and we want to get the house properly adapted for Oliver’s needs.

“We want to get a through-floor lift so he can access upstairs, a specialist bath because of his sensory needs and flooring that's suitable for a wheelchair.

“We would get help from the Government through the local council (up to £30,000) but there might be a long wait and the local community have been brilliant in offering to help us out. Ever since I had Oliver, they have given support and people are always asking after him.”

One of those who wanted to help is Julie Baxter, who is now spearheading the fund-raising campaign.

“Julie initially asked to do a coffee morning and it’s taken off from there,” said Alex. “We’re really grateful for her help.”

The next big fund-raiser is a raffle to win a new Vauxhall Corsa. J&T Autos in Hadston contacted Davidsons of Morpeth who gave the car to raffle for £10 per number. MKM in Alnwick have also provided support.

“We will make £8,000 from the car if we sell all the tickets and we’ve raised about £6,000 from raffles and other fund-raisers over the last few months,” said Julie.

The draw for the car will take place at Radcliffe Club, Amble on Sunday, at 2pm.

If you would still like to buy tickets, they are on sale at JR Auto Services in Hadston.