Alnwick gets new Town Crier

Alnwick’s new volunteer Town Crier has been appointed.

Wednesday, 10th July 2019, 6:52 pm
Roger Daniel - Alnwick's new Town Crier

Roger Daniel will be carrying out cries in the town centre and at all main Alnwick events over the next few years.

Roger will become a familiar figure in Alnwick, greeting tourists, attending the Music Festival in August, Halloween events in October and the Lantern Parade and Christmas lights switch-on.

Roger's Inaugural Cry:

Oyez, Oyez, Oyez

Lords, ladies, gentlefolk lend me your ears

Forget all your troubles, banish your fears

Roll out the barrel and break open the cask

A new town crier has been given the task

Of bringing a fact to banish your blues

I, the town crier will bring you the news

That all's well in Alnwick, fairest of towns

So pack up your troubles, end all your frowns.

Rejoice in knowing that in the North East

A new town crier has come to the feast.

John Stevens boots, I can never hope to fill

I'll do what I can but I never will.

He was a special town crier, beloved by you

I can never replace him whatever I do

We are each unique in our own special way

We can not replicate, whatever they say

So I must learn to be my own man

Yet honour his name as much as I can

I beseech you all, please take heed of my pleaaccept me as me for I cannot be he.

God bless the Queen and the memory of John Stevens